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Saturday, June 06, 2009

In and out….

The world works in a set pattern, things are born, things die……… Two weekends ago I hatched 5 chicks, and this week Primrose died…….. She’d been pretty quiet for a while. We treated for sour crop as that seemed the most likely, but although the symptoms from that seemed to go she didn’t pick up again.   She just went to sleep on Thursday afternoon, so I am happy that it was a peaceful journey to her rest……… – Perhaps she just didn’t fancy the competition from the younger setchickens 001 !?


(It’s my race for life tomorrow – and the weather forecast is Heavy Rain – oh joy!! – Think of me if it rains won’t you!!! ;) )


  1. good luck for tomorrow - mum and I did it in the rain last year.

  2. Sue and Joe6:21 pm

    Good luck for tomorrow Clairey darling - just sorry that I have been a lazy thing this year and not done it - wont let that happen again! I know the forecast is rotten, but out with the Dunkirk spirit! Love and hugs Sue and Joe xx

  3. Good luck for tomorrow, Claire! I've also sponsored a couple of my friends in Scotland who are doing the run as well. Running in the rain does sound a bit depressing, but it must be better than running in sweltering temps.

    And sorry to hear about Primrose...


  4. Awww, sorry to hear about Primrose, i'm glad she went peacefully {{hugs}}

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow whether it rains or not luv xx

  5. Sorry to hear about Primrose, Noo x

    And very best wishes for the race tomorrow ... It's a wonderful cause. Hope the weather eases a lot! At least you'll not have to worry about sunburn:o)


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