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Friday, July 24, 2009

Alternatives to the Plaxo toolbar?

I have used Plaxo for years…. It’s a great little toolbar that sits in Outlook (or a multitude of other email clients) and syncs your address book and calendar.  Therefore if I update a contact’s details on my laptop, next time I log into outlook on my PC it automatically syncs the contact’s details there and i am up to date.  Ditto for Calendar entries (which, when your life is dominated by tax return dates is a handy feature!!) and to-do lists and notes.

But……. don’t get too excited! – Plaxo have suddenly decided that this toolbar should no longer be free (fair enough I suppose) but they want to charge £30 odd per year.  Well I really don’t have that many contacts IYKWIM ! LOL.   I really don’t get this “per year” pricing for software, surely you should buy it and that’s that. If they upgrade it and you want to buy the update then again, all well and good, but where has the “per year” stuff come in?

Anyway, before I go off on too much of a tangent, does anyone know of any little widgets or gizmos that do anything similar? Ideally for contacts and calendar items?  Any suggestions would be wildly appreciated!!

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