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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are we there yet?

I just love when Spot does this - we're on our way to the beach, and pulled up to get a cup of tea - and to me this is just an expression that exasperates "Are we there yet?"


  1. I was sorry to read about the chickens and that is so expensive for the vet stuff. Is Spot OK? I hope so.

  2. Oh no, so sorry to read about your chickies - I do hope the rest of them are OK.

    Vets really do skank money out of you, don't they? I took our cat to the vets last week and shelled out £44 for OTT antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. He had a cut ear after being in a fight - I didn't think it was infected, but just wanted them to check it out! Duh... yet another lesson learnt...

    ps love the photo of Spot!

  3. LOLOL so cute!!! And yes if she could speak that is excactly what she would say!!


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