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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pay Up Steve! (a P/hop Posting!)

Well those that have known me for more than a few years, will know that Ghana is a place that has a special little nook in my heart.  It was the first place in Africa that I visited (due to a boyfriend that lived and worked out there!!) and it ignited a fire in me that only the sights and smells of Africa can douse.

Well MSF-Pete has finally knitted enough of his scarf to get round his neck – and he has achieved this amazing feat of craft-work whilst in Ghana!

The background to the story is here, but basically a knitter called Steve promised $500 to MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières– the knitters charity!!!) when the scarf was long enough to wear!  (There is one expletive in this little audio as the heat of the moment and the over exuberance of the song get to Pete, so please be aware before you play this in front of the kids!)

I reckon Pete deserves a fiver for this accomplishment – don’t you?  (errr that would be the knitting, not the song!)  If you think so too, visit the P/hop site where the background story is and there is a justgiving widget there.  i will also put the widget on my blog soon!


  1. Thanks for the post! Agree with you about Ghana and not just the place... Have never been so warmly welcomed everywhere as I was there. I'd really like to go back.


    PS. Thanks for the donation as well!

  2. lol Quite a compelling way to boost the coiffers!

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