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Monday, July 20, 2009

A week and a half

Well how quickly news changes.  My poor little chicklies have been sick. :(  One died last week (the lightest of the brown ones, and the prettiest IMHO) and the rest have all been ill.  They have coccidiosis.  It’s a parasite which particularly attacks young birds and seems to do it extremely quickly!  After the death I took another chick to the vet (something I always said I wouldn’t really do, due to the price, but with 4 chicks I thought it would be worth it)  They confirmed my diagnosis (I think in all honesty I knew more than they did)  but could only order me the medicine needed in 1 litre quantities…….. which cost £80, on top of the £40 consultation fee, and I only needed 10ml *shock*.  Not only that, but they wouldn’t actually let me take the 1 litre (which may at least have softened the blow as it has a long shelf life and I could have kept it for further instances) I could only have the prescribed amount – 10ml!  I phoned other vets and they all said the same thing.  So now I was in quite a quandry, I had spent £40 on basically nothing but really couldn’t justify a further £80 on 4 chicks.  To cut a long story short, i did eventually get some, travelling half way round the South East of England to get it, and as I type the 4 remaining chicks are still alive and eating and drinking well.   I don’t think we’re out of the woods by any stretch yet, but the outlook certainly seems more positive than it did on Friday.


In other news – I made my first meal completely of home harvested food on Saturday:-



This became an omelette with onion, courgette and new potatoes………mmmmmm




There isn’t really much knitting news – Sahara was finished and looks lovely, but I’m going to undo it and add an inch or two the body length. I am currently knitting a fairly boring v-neck in Sirdar Just Bamboo, just because it needed using and it’s quite nice to knit with in the warmer weather.   I also signed up for the Socktopus Mystery Shawl Knit-along, but having rummaged my stash I don’t have anything in a strong enough colour for it – I feel shawls, stoles and scarves should be made in contrast to your normal attire and as I usually wear very earthy colours I think a strong colour would be better for this. I also think the pattern is calling for something with a touch of silk or something sheeny………….

With that in mind I have decided to go to the 100 Club in oxford Street for the lunchtime gig on Thursday (which is good cos it’s one of my favourite bands and only £7 entry which isn’t bad) and then on to maybe John Lewis (does anyone know if JL in Oxford St sell Yarn???!!!) and/or Iknit and maybe even Socktopus as well if I have time to travel that far out of town.   If anyone in the London area fancies joining in…………………..??!!! ;)


Right I’m off to clean out the chickens – again!  Have a good week all. xx

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  1. Im glad at least that some of the chicks are doing well. It is terrible what Vet's charge you these days. i remember what they charged us for the Dogs!! The omlet sounds Yummy. Homegrown produce taste sooo much better and nicer then the shop bought stuff.
    Good luck with the yarn hunt...don't spend to much


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