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Friday, January 16, 2009

Food waste - - Tips and recipes to reduce food waste - Love Food Hate Waste

Food waste - - Tips and recipes to reduce food waste - Love Food Hate Waste

I just ventured upon this site and thought I'd share! It has some very obvious suggestions, but also some not so obvious ones, and even more useful, a recipe tab, where you search by left-over ingredients! What a great idea!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One less mouth to feed


Well this cockerel is no more!  Yesterday he started really bullying his sibling and his mother, to the point of drawing blood and generally using any excuse for a full blown fight.  As he was for the table anyway, the decision was made to do the deed.  MrNoo did it, and he said that it was a much easier thing to do knowing that he was causing pain to the other two.  It’s not quite the right scenario, but I can’t risk him damaging my silkie (The little one on the left) who has proved to be a great Mum to them both, and apparently Silkies do have very sensitive skulls which can be damaged easily.  He had also begun treading her (So grown up so soon!!) and again he was a big boy for that!!! smile_omg  He had been quite a vicious little thing from quite young, it was always extremely obvious that he was male, he pecked me plenty!!

So yesterday he was culled and plucked and he is now hanging in the shed and I will prepare him tomorrow (roast chicken on Sunday anyone?!)

We weren’t sure if the other one (the one who’s tail you can just see) was a hen or a cockerel, a cockerel seemed more likely but it wasn’t displaying any of the signs that the first one was. There was no attempt to tread his mum (Perhaps he just has better morals) and no crowing or anything.  The big fight yesterday indicated that it might be male and that was the cause of the fight, and indeed this morning, as now the only one left, he has come out of hiding and Crowed!!!! That’ll be a male then! As he is generally a quieter and friendlier sort I will keep him until Mum goes broody again and needs to be alone, then his time will come. He will hopefully have the chance to get quite a bit bigger as he should have another 4 or 5 weeks to go at least.

In knitting news, I am *still* making my sister’s Christmas present!  It is in Drops alpaca using two strands and knitted on 4mm needles.  I have had to re-knit it 3 times so far. The first time because the sizing was just all wrong, the second time because I was using a pattern which said 2 strands should be knitted on 5mm needles and that looked really uneven and quite frankly, hideous. So finally I re-gauged to the 4mm and taking measurements from two patterns and my sister came up with a compromise!  I have also changed the ribbing to be seed stitch as it looks much neater.DSCN1371 Although I am slightly losing the will to live having knit it three times, I am now really really happy with the way it looks and feels. After all if you are going to give a handknit as a pressie it has to be right doesn’t it?!

I have been debt chasing for work today – not a job I relish at the best of times. But it really seems like the penny pinching has started, even for some of the big companies.  I wonder if they really don’t have funds, or are taking the opportunity to hold on to them knowing we won’t push too hard for fear of not getting it at all?  I once worked with a girl from New Zealand and she couldn’t believe our payment system in this country.  In NZ on a particular day of the month (I think it was the 28th?) everyone pays their bills, from the big companies, to a person paying a grocery bill, it all gets done on that date.  Now that would be a good idea!…….. Back to the phones!!!