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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What men will do for a good cause

Go see what MSF-Pete will do for his cause – isn’t that special?!   Good on Jane for teaching him too, looks like you’ve done a fab job there! 
P/hop (pennies per hour of pleasure) is an idea started by knitters (natalie  at the yarn yard specifically!!), but there’s no need to limit it to that!  Maybe someone will give you free seeds this spring that give you a few hours of pleasure, sowing, watching, growing, smelling, eating?  Or a magazine to read for something to learn….. or of course yarn or patterns!
The idea behind p/hop is that you donate amounts for things that were given to you free which have given you minutes/hours/days of pleasure. You get pleasure, someone less fortunate may get lifesaving medical treatment…. seems a fair exchange to me!