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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I was just sitting in my conservatory talking to my sister and I saw this.DSCN1540

A duck landed in the ivy on my fence…….. actually there were two – I had seen the male land but you can’t see him in the photo and this was the female peering out. They stayed just long enough for the photo call then flew off to the graveyard (2 doors down!) …… Strangest thing ever!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bank holidays are for…………

Catching up on blogging, obviously! Tee hee!

So, Mama Silkie, as of Saturday evening, is sitting on 8 more eggs.  These are my own so will be of the Heinz57 variety if they hatch! She couldn’t have gone broody at a more opportune moment to be honest, as the cockerel is beginning to outstay his welcome.  He has started to get aggressive (especially if you are wearing a colour other than black) and has attacked me a few times, and he’s a heavy old bird!!! So at the end of this week he will turn from stud to dinner.  I will actually find it really hard this time, we’ve culled a few cockerels and I’ve not found it too emotionally distressing, but despite him attacking me I still have a soft spot for him, we’ve had some good cuddles in the past, and he looks after his ladies. But an aggressive cockerel is not a keeper so it’s best done sooner rather than later. :( 

Sticking in the garden area – the weather has been lovely these past few weeks and many an early evening hour has been spent in the garden wrapped up in Flicca, with my knitting (It must be said the Flicca is being worn to within an inch of it’s life at the moment). Photo-0007

Half the veggie seedlings are in the garden plot now, and the other half will wait a few more weeks just in case we do have a frost.  If we don’t then I should be ahead of the game, and if we do then i still have more than enough young seedlings to re-crop!!  I’ve already had rhubarb and a single asparagus stalk from the plot, and the strawberries are fruiting up beautifully. The onions and garlic are all well on their way too.

In crafting…… the crochet sweater is finished and I’m really happy with it.DSCN1533  I think I can safely say i can crochet now!  I really enjoyed making it and will definitely be crocheting more.  It grows much quicker than knitting and is so much easier to undo should you make a mistake!!

Urban Aran has also been finished, and instantly consigned to the “winter box”  It took me ages to sew in the sleeves…. probably because I’m not overly enamoured with the finished article, for no reason other than the yarn I chose is a little thick for a jumper really (which is why I should have stuck to my original plan of knitting it as a cardigan smile_eyeroll



But I think by next year in the middle of winter I will be very happy to have it!!





There have been several trips to Hayling Island for walking, playing and generally “getting away from it all”



  And that, so my photo folder tells me, has been about that!

So today I have a little work to do (always best to file online HMRC submissions over a weekend cos you’ve half a chance of them getting through), and then a little sock knitting and an audiobook.  I started listening to The Seventy Seven Clocks yesterday, and misplaced 2 hours in the middle of it!!!!!   Came in at what i thought was about 5 or 5:30 to walk the dog and found it was 7pm *oops*  The worst thing was I had defrosted a whole chicken to roast for dinner last night and last me through bank holiday sandwiches and a few dinners next week. – luckily with the intervention of the pressure cooker, the whole roast dinner was ready and served in less than an hour. it did make me giggle though! – Silly woman!  I’ll try to be a bit more “aware” today!!

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone. x