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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nearly fully feathered

Few more photos:-  I think I have 2 cockerels and 3 hens, but it’s difficult to tell.  Two are definitely bigger, but it could just be the way the genetics worked as they are all “mongrels” !!


DSCN1634 Pretty definitely a boy!
DSCN1635 Hmmmmm 2 girls and a boy – or 3 girls?
 DSCN1637 Probably One boy – one girl.  The one on the left is the smallest of the bunch!
DSCN1630 Grub up
DSCN1639 The white one in front has all the size of a cockerel, but somehow seems like it might be a hen – fingers crossed
DSCN1647 Come on – she wants a group shot
DSCN1653 showing off the new feathers
DSCN1656 Do you think I look good in brown?


There may be knitting news next time? – or maybe not!!