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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back again!

Well It’s been a while hasn’t it ? How are you all?  Everything here is fine. I still have 4 chicks – it has turned out that they are 1 male and 3 female, I would’ve liked 2 of each as I wanted a couple for the table, but I will probably keep the cockerel through the winter (i.e. he gets up later in the winter and I can deal with the crowing!) so he can become a father, and then maybe roast him next Spring!!

In knitting news…… I have started a Domino Square Cardigan, which is a drops pattern originally done in multi coloured sock yarn, but as one who is not overly comfortable in bright colours I have gone for a more subtle version in Grey!


There is probably so much to tell you as I haven’t written properly for so long – but you know when you sit down to do something and then can’t quite remember ….. well that’s about where I am now! So I am sure I will fill in the blanks as Autumn joins us and I get more time to write.

In the meantime please spare a thought  for my sister this Sunday, as she is running 10 kilometres for Cancer Research UK.  I think she’s so amazing for doing this – after all 10k is a serious amount of running (she hopes to finish in around 1 hour 15 I think).  So positive thoughts everyone, and hope for a nice cool day!