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Friday, October 02, 2009

The one about the racing pigeon

This is so funny, but really not if you know what I mean

As MrNoo was leaving one night last week he found a pigeon on my porch step, he caught it (it didn’t put up much of a fight) and then brought it in where we put it in the garden in an old dog crate, gave it some corn and maize that I have for the chickens and some water…..

The next morning it was looking a bit poorly but not injured as such, so I took its ring number, googled “racing pigeon numbers” (as you do!) and consequently found its owner by the next morning.  Apparently the owners have an obligation to collect within 2 days if you find one, so he arranged to come up and collect it last Friday morning. – He was driving around an hour to get here (wow the pigeon did good???? – or not depending on your point of view?!)

Anyway by Friday morning the pigeon has certainly perked up, there seemed to be some damage to its flight feathers on one wing, but the wing wasn’t broken at all and obviously the rest had done him good.  Its owner arrived, and MrNoo took the little carrier box of him whilst he used my “facilities” .  Mr Noo went out – slightly opened the crate door, wriggled in a put his hand out………..




and the pigeon ducked straight under him and out between his legs and the side of the crate ……….and off into the distance as fast as you like.

Seriously, I have never been so embarrassed in all my life. The owner was extremely generous saying that it could happen to anyone (and in fact as he hadn’t been flying his pigeons lately it was very likely it was an escapee anyway so somewhat practised in the art) but I was dying!! (apparently I blushed so hard I was almost purple)

In my minds eye I can still see the whole scene…… I am somewhat seeing the funny side now, but that poor owner……..

If you ever read a knitting blog Mr Pigeon owner then I can only say again how sorry I am (even if it is, just a tiny bit funny!)