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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eeewww redmite!


Image0183 The kids had a day in the garden today – well all the female ones did anyway – This is the biggest and showing most of the size and temperament of a Light Sussex, although the tiniest little brown flecks from her Welsummer mother
Image0184 This little one is a bit of a runt – she seems to have no back to her (no arse so to speak!!)  but she manages alright, if a little wobbly on her legs, so we keep an eye on her and leave her be!

Group Shots
Image0186 And what you do with just about everything you touch when you find the damned redmite – God they are revolting and indestructible little creatures!
Image0187 It was a nice fire though – and a perfect end to a day outside!