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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Race for Life - I need your help!

OK everyone it's another year for the race for life. Now as most of you know. as yet I have not managed to run the whole 5k non-stop (although my jogging pace at the moment might as well be walking anyway!) But this year I'm going to ask for your help to get me through.

Now I don't want to keep asking for sponsorship (although feel free if you have the urge - link in the sidebar there!! ) but I wondered if you would do something else for me? - I will pay £2 for everyone who sends me an MP3 encouragement message of 20 seconds or longer. What I was thinking was that I would make a playlist of all the messages, and some of my fave running tunes for my ipod, and hopefully if I hear those messages from around half way round (when I normally get bored/tired) it'll keep me going. You have plenty of time, my race isn't until June 20th and you can email them to me up until the Friday before for inclusion in my playlist and the £2 donation from me. Email to auntienoo{AT}googlemail{DOT}com Replacing the {AT} and {DOT} as appropriate.

There seems to be plenty of software around to record mp3 voice messages - just google "record mp3 voice" although I haven't tried any yet as I've only just had this brainwave!! If I find out from anyone that any are great or terrible I'll let you all know!! ;)


  1. What a good idea! I will try and do it, but you will need to remind me of I haven't because I am a bit snowed under and will forget. Best of luck with the run and training!

  2. Hey running cool my knees are worn out now i just cycle and swim

  3. Cool Linda I'll be reminding everyone plenty on here! ;)

    David I don't think what I do can honestly be called running, but it raises money and keeps me a tiny weeny bit fitter than I would be otherwise!


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