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Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting News...

It's been a long time since I talked about my knitting, I tend to forget that not all of you lovely blog readers are also on the CTnY Forum so here is my knitting news! ;)

Firstly, I started, and finished a Drops pattern in Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora. I'm not totally sure I love it, but I like it well enough if that makes sense. No photos yet as I need to block it properly (which may account for the so-so attitude towards it)

Since then I have started (twice) Inamorata.... a pattern I am totally in love with, and am determined to make "just -so" So far I have started it in Drops Cotton Viscose, which is a gorgeous yarn, but maybe not really right for this design.  It is made of what appear to be a million strands and has absolutely no give whatsoever (I thought the viscose might give it just a tad, but I was wrong) it's also very shiny which doesn't come across on the photo.  Don't get me wrong it's a lovely yarn, but I think this top would be better in something a little more forgiving. Having said that I'm still going to try to make it work.... just because I'm stubborn!  I started the pattern as written, but it starts at the top and is knit down, so the first bit you do is those little cables at the top.  My knitting was really spectacularly crap, so i frogged that last night and cast on with a provisional cast on where the pattern changes at the empire waist line (for want of a better description) I'm going to knit that bit first, and then try the little cables again hoping that the weight of the bottom will help even out the stitches.  If not I'll just change the top to another stitch pattern! 

All this knitting and frogging has led me to realise that I'm not the best at matching patterns to yarns.  I chose good yarns and I chose good patterns, but I don't always pair them up in the best way!  Sometimes this is down to budget limitations, and sometimes it's because when you buy on the internet things don't always come the way they looked like they would (!) , but other times I just don't realise (until I start knitting when it becomes glaringly obvious) what kind of yarn is called for in a pattern.  It's a skill i definitely need to work on!

Anyway, hopefully some photos soon!

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  1. I have that Top in my Que!! But Im not sure if I ever get round to making it!! Im no good with matching Yarn to project either. But i know your end result will look lovely


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