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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

42 ??????????????

How the heck did that happen - since I last wrote - I turned 42! (and yet I'm sure I'm really only 23 ... well 23 with extra wrinkles!)

Anyway, I was thoroughly spoilt for the day, I had some window boxes made for me:-

Two short ones across the front of the conservatory and a long one down the side.  They're made out of old galvanised trunking - what trendsetters we are! ;) (I actually really like them)

Then we went to my sis's to let my little nephews say hello and happy birthday - I got a hand made card and lots of cuddles! - and a kinder egg ;)    I also got this:-

..... which after I had been taken to lunch and partaken of a glass of wine AND a liqueur coffee, was a very welcome place to be! ;)


  1. The simplest birthday celebrations are often the best.....I can see that you had a great day x

  2. Happy birthday! Great hammock to kick back and listen to some jazz :0)

  3. Happy birthday!!! I hope you had a great time. I have just left the most rubbish message on your Race For Life answer phone thing!!!! I meant it about the Delia book, I have that and its great, so run that race and I'll send the book to you!

  4. Oh, I want a hammock. That looks so great. :-) Happy Birthday!


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