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Sunday, June 20, 2010


I did it!!! I ran the whole way! ;) - 5km of jogging at an average of 7 mins per km (I actually think i could walk that pace, but I didn't I proper jogged the whole way!!)  We were lucky with the weather, dry, slight chilly breeze.... 

I'd said I wasn't going to do it again after this year - maybe volunteering instead........ but you know it's a hard thing to give up! - never say never and all that.

Thanks to all my sponsors, and the three people that left me messages - I will add the donation for those tomorrow, they definitely helped me get round the difficult 4th km (past half way, but still with a way to go!)

I'm off to the bathtub now, I may be gone for some time! ;)


  1. Well done you & all the thousands who ran. Your last two posts strike a raw cord as tomorrow I am attending the funeral of a friend & co worker who lost her race for life last Sunday. She was, like me, in her early fifties & leaves two fifteen year old boys. She fought a long a brave battle but still died way too young. She is the second of my friends to die this year from cancer & for Liz and for Julie I say a huge thank you!

  2. I said it before and say it again..Your a Star


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