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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well I'm obviously on a bit of a roll lately! Here is the newest finished article from the Doris Chan Everyday Crochet  book.

The Pattern is Cameo, made in 5 1/2 balls of  Drops Cotton Viscose (very splitty yarn :( ), on a 4.5mm hook.  If I made this again, or any of the variations on this pattern, I would stop the body just below the bust, and go back and do the armholes and straps as it'd be  much easier to get a good fit and try it on along the way then. I made it longer than the original pattern, and added one set of hip shaping as in the pattern Somnambulista which is based on the same design.(and which I think may be my next "must-have") I also needed the straps way longer than the pattern - an extra 10 stitches, and it still could have been longer. (But then I have always known I was a bit "thick set" around the shoulders!!!!)   All in all very happy with the finished article. The yarn had been frogged, and I also had to re-do a few bits of this (mostly the straps to get them the right length), and it became very very splitty because of that. But it's made up nicely.

Finally,  I have made my first sunshine square:-

After a few false starts I have decided on the Willow Square from the 200 Crochet Blocks  book.  I should have enough yarn to make 30 squares, which will make a throw 48" x 40" - It's going to be a slow process tho' so I'll just mosey along with this as and when.

Now I'm off to watch the British F1 Grand Prix - I won't be moving from the sofa for a few hours!


  1. Yet another lovely looking top. Your crochet is great....I just can't bring myself to do it. But you always seem to be

  2. Thats really nice, I have never crocheted anything to wear before. Enjoy the Grand prix, we are watching footie tonight, thank goodness its the last one for now, its driven me crazy!

  3. Cameo is lovely, suits you so well, and the throw is going to look stunning, there are so many nice blocks in that book it's hard to choose, but the colours look great like that.

  4. That's a lovely top Noo, it looks fab on you too :o)

    Willow is my favouritest square from that book, i can't wait to see your throw, it will look stunning in those colours!


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