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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am a week old!

My name is Freckles and I am a week old today.

The way I am standing here makes me look like a boy - but I'm not letting on yet whether I am or not.

Because I am a week old, Dad made me a little run so I can see daylight and run around a bit.

We're in the oldest house, and it's pretty rickety, but it will do for now until I am bigger and can go and play with the other chickens. Mum is keeping me warm anyway!
There's this other weird creature that comes and watches me for ages too? - I expect when I'm older I'll understand more, but I like fidgeting about and scratching and running and jumping and climbing, but this other creature just lays down and watches as still as a statue.
Weird huh?


  1. Oh how absolutely tweet!
    (So sorry, I tried but I couldn't resist!)

    Lovely photo's Noo.

  2. Oh, I do hope it's a girl! Very cute :-)

  3. What a lovely photo of Spot - a study in concentration!

  4. Im thinking Spot is to get Dinner!!!!!lol
    A) that is a Top Photo of her Ladyship
    B) The Chick is doing well and I hope he/she will grow into a nice big Bird:)

  5. Gorgeous ... Spot and the chick!

  6. Freckles is so cute. And Spot, of course!! Hope the river has filled up a little bit now, how funny that she was scared!


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