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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Chick on the Block!

My Nephew seems to think that Freckles is a good name - so freckles it is. We don't know if Freckles is a girl or a boy, but it seems a pretty unisex name really (as luck would have it!)  Only 1 hatched, out of 6 eggs, but to be honest I wasn't really expecting a good show.  I had to leave broody mum in with some of the other hens for quite a long time whilst the broody house was de-red-mited (several times! - and they're still there a bit) and then another hen went broody too so they shared the duty a bit. but that also meant a little fighting and at least one egg got kicked across the hen house! Plus it could well have meant that the eggs went cold while they were squabbling. Who knows. But this little one is a fighter - I had to help the hatch after watching for over 2 hours and all there was was the first little hole. A pair of tweezers came to my aid and I helped open the shell in much the same way as the chick should have done, and when I popped it back done Mother hen yanked it out of it's shell, so she obviously thought enough was enough too!.  Fingers crossed for this little one. I know it's common to loose one or two in early days, and obviously I can't really afford to, so we are just hoping this one will be ok!


  1. I think it fab that this little one made it...surely if it made it this far and could make it further...fingers crossed

  2. What a lovely photo! Fingers crossed....


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