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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi Everyone, Freckles here. Just thought I'd show you how much I have grown while Human Mum was away. I'm nearly as tall as my silkie chicken mum now, and look at those feathers. I'm getting pretty handsome! I haven't fully decided whether i'm a boy or a girl yet, but look at the way i'm standing today - that's very boyish....... but then yesterday I was standing quite girly ! ;) It's raining today and I'm not terribly impressed, but at least there's a roof on my run so I can still get out and run up and down which I really like doing.
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  1. My how you have grown!!!!

  2. Goodness, you are getting big. I hope you decide to be a girl Freckles, either that or mute! ;o)


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