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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well this is embarrassing!

When I had my loft insulated at the end of last year, it needed to be emptied. It was - all into my 2 spare rooms.  Now I have to admit at this point, that I have a huge problem with throwing stuff out. Not because I am emotionally attached to any of it, but because I have a guilt complex about landfill.  But really the time has come - don't you think???

I don't understand though -  why, when you decide to tidy up and clear out - all you seem to do is make more mess? - I could get in the rooms yesterday morning - today they are declared health and safety hazards! - You need a hard hat to enter.  it turns out I haven't really thrown any clothes out for around 15 years (some of those things I am never going to get into again!) and I have an abundance of old computer cables. As well as obvious yarn stash and other crafting type equipement, accessories and notions.  I have now reached a point of stalemate as I've run out of bin bags, and having continue to make "throw away" and "for the charity shop" piles of stuff, it took me some while to negotiate a way out of the rooms!  Still I know when I get rid of it all, and get some shelving and other storage type furniture that it will all be better for it. At the moment though it feels like a bit of a disaster!


  1. Nightmare! This is a job i need to do here as well. I hope you have some loud music on and are losing yourself in memories ;-)

  2. I feel your pain hun, i have a similar job to do myself and i have the same "what a waste" guilt complex too :o(

    Good luck with it, hope it doesn't take too long or too much out of you!! xx

  3. De cliuttering is good for the soul. I am glad i was forced into it when I moved in with David....problem is...I am starting to clutter again!!! You need to be hard and steadfast in the end you will feel great. But right now, looking at your pictures I am wondering if I should offer to send you a compass so you can find your way around

  4. I have the same problem with my house, alot of it is toys that they boys don't play with anymore but there is nothing wrong with them so i find it hard to throw away. I keep saying i will do a boot sale but have only followed through with that once. Its been a few years and i have accumulated what seems like twice as much stuff.
    I will have to get a start on it when George starts back to school.


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