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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things to do in the garden

The weather has been perfect this last week - sunny but not hot, just the perfect weather for getting all those little spring chores done without over-heating.

So, today I have re-painted the fire-pit. It was originally a gorgeous copper colour, but that has turned to a rust colour now (!) and the only decent colour in heat resistant paint, is black (I don't fancy a green fire pit!).... so for now the inside and the outside top rim are black, the rest of the outside is still "rust coloured" but I don't think that's too much of a problem...... yet anyway!

The chicken house is also having it's annual re-paint, a creosote alternative that hopefully will help with the red mite situation (it was already showing signs of infestation, little blighters)

I also popped to B&Q at the beginning of the week and got a few cheapish bedding plants to put in my tubs.  I really only grow herbs in the tubs, but my garden doesn't have much colour due to it being mostly vegetable and useful plants! so I thought a little flowery halo round the herbs was in order...... pictures to follow if they all flower! ;)

Right, back to it then, eh?