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Friday, July 02, 2010

Jewel in the Crown

This is Jewel (Ravelry Link) by Doris Chan   (blog link!).  Fantastic pattern and the first quite complex crochet pattern I have followed.  It's crocheted top down with raglan sleeves. i had a bit of trouble to start with as I was over complicating the pattern, but once I understood the way it was written I was well away.

This won't be the only pattern I make from this book!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The one about the Patio

Every year on race for life day, I have an BBQ and invite family and friends over to cook for themselves (well come on, I'd have just run 5k all things being equal) on the firepit, and have a giggle together.

This year, our race for life (as you all know by now!) was on Sunday 20th June.  On Tuesday 15th June MrNoo and I decided it would be nice to have a patio to have the BBQ on. - We do set ourselves some tasks!! ;)

So what was this:

by Tuesday night was this:
(notice how Spot is already checking it out - although she doesn't look overly impressed does she?)

And finally on Thursday night

The wood is there at the front at the moment as we need to build a proper wall all around the edge, as the garden slopes away incredibly (and I have a mole who is currently enjoying digging up the outskirts!) so we'll build the edges up properly in the hope that it will hold it together a bit.

A little late for the BBQ, but this week I bought a lovely little patio table, it also has a black parasol, but I haven't got it out today as it's a bit cloudy. (please excuse the towels hanging up in the background - God I'm so tacky sometimes!)

Not bad for just a couple of days work, especially in the heat we had - lots of sunburn! (bit of a botch job, obviously, but I'm good at those!) and it is so nice to be able to sit out at night on the patio with my dinner and watch all the little birdies feeding and taking their evening baths.

I hope my next post will be about a completed crochet sweater! ;)