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Thursday, July 08, 2010


My Lucy Colour Pack of Rico Creative Cotton has finally arrived. Doesn't it just look like sunshine in a bowl? I think the girls at First4yarns have done a sterling job, they have been totally inundated (which I'm sure is a good thing) and have depleted both theirs and the manufacturer's supplies several times over. But patience has won the day and I think most orders have been completed now.  Now, what to make in it??! LOL

Monday, July 05, 2010

Sock Blockers!

I have been promising myself a pair of sock blockers for a long, long (long?!) time! - I never have the money - because I spend it on sock yarn!! But then I make my socks and look longingly at how lovely everyone elses look, all properly shaped and photographed on their blockers, whilst mine are all crumpled and don't show their gussets off nicely!

So, Now I have some,....

it's not easy to find sock blockers at the moment - I have no idea why not. But here is where I got mine from:  Whorldropspindle

I have to just tell you that whilst I am typing this, I am watching a female blackbird have a proper wash in our make-shift bird bath/drinker.  We have a big plastic tray that is used for mixing cement on so as not to ruin the garden, and I filled it with water the other day in the hope that Spot would lie in it as she is feeling the heat a bit this year. Unfortunately she has all but ignored it (depsite me standing in it and calling her!), but the birds love it, and often bring the children for their evening baths! - They even wash under their wings! LOL

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Evening Walk

On my evening walk today.......................

I noticed that the wild foxgloves are out.  Now I have a bit of an aversion to foxgloves (I think I may have been poisoned by digitalis in a previous life ) but I have to admit these shocks of colour look amazing amongst the green and brown of the dry woodlands at newlands corner.

Also just a quick photo of the natural swimming pool that gets made at Hayling Island when the tide goes out - I had a little swim with Spot last week! ;)

Sorry photos aren't great, they're just taken on my phone. But you get the idea I'm sure!