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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Destash - episode 1 of 12 (I hope)

So, Here is the completed project from my personal sock club parcel for January. How cheerful are they?
Posted by Picasa  So I get my first gold star on the CTnY Forum challenge (which is a challenge to do 12 of anything you like in 2011! - some people are finishing WIP's, some using stash - I'm doing a 12 month personal sock club) - I'm not sure i've ever got a gold star before! ;)


  1. Very nice, and definitely cheerful. What a good way to destash, good luck with the other eleven.

  2. Lovely... congrats on gold star no. 1

  3. Well done for getting them....done! They do look lovely and I am feeling the 'itch'. But alas I can't even hold the needles for more then 10 rows so I am still chugging away at the Socks I started about 2 weeks ago.
    Just think what fab socks you will have in your Draws

  4. They are lovely!


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