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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The year of the decreasing stash

I've always maintained that i don't have stash - I lie!  I have 14 complete balls of sock yarn, and untold leftovers (which I won't throw away because I am sure they will make "something") and a few other bits besides! It's not a huge stash by any means, but it is considerably more than I thought I had so I want to get it down to hardly any again. So this year I have already parcelled up 12 packages of sock yarn and pattern for a personal sock club.

Here is January's
Unique Sheep Comany Tinsel toes. Bought on the forum at an exceptionally bargainous price, and now destined to be some socks called singing in the rain. - They look like they will brighten up the winter blues don't they.


  1. Lovely colour for lovely socks.

  2. Love the colour and I bet the Socks will be lovely as well. As for the stash...I am with you and trying to get rid of it. Im trying to do the same..

  3. What a good idea! Not that I will ever get around to being so organised! I am back blogging, new blog! Nice to see Spot on the top!

  4. What lovely sunny yarn. Will make super socks - good luck with your club plan :)


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