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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday I went to Unravel.  The lovely Wildpurl picked me up as we do not live far from each other (or from the Maltings as it happens!) and we promised to support each other in our resolve not to buy much.  I think I was really very restrained. Just 2 skeins of Alpaca sock yarn, and a beautiful pattern by Amanda of NDS. I felt positively angelic,  although it must be said Wildpurl was even more so as she bought nothing, nada, not a bean.

Anyway, here are my purchases,

I am not even going to mention the extremely HUGE piece of carrot cake I ate at lunchtime, which does somewhat negate the angelic behaviour at the show........... shame i didn't take a photo of that - or maybe it's a good thing! LOL


  1. Carrot cake is one of your 5 a day isn't it?! Lovely yarns.

  2. Love the support of not buying MUCH lol. I agree Carrot can comes under the 5 a day rule.

  3. Lovely pattern, I can see you in that.
    Yes, carrot cake, very healthy choice ;0)


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