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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Drops Sweater Dress

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I started this last year, and nearly completed it for Christmas, but then Christmas knitting took precedence, and anyway I didn't (and still don't really) have anything to wear under it, so I put it in a bag to finish after the festive season........... Only........... I forgot! - Totally and utterly forgot about it. It was only when I was checking through my ravelry projects (thank you again ravelry) that I realised I had put it away! - *doh*.  Anyway here is all its glory is my Drops sweater Dress, made from 2 strands of Fabel sock yarn, which means it's totally machine washable! *YAY*.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, and suits you so well, not sure how you could forget about something so nice but I bet you are glad you 'found' it now.

  2. That is gorgeous. It really looks stunning and warm.

  3. You have made a really good job of the jumper and it looks lovely on you :o)

  4. That is gorgeous.

  5. That looks stunning on you ,well done :) I have way too many WIP at the moment which is unusal for me and I blame dropping everything in order to make Christmas gifts. I hate the feeling of things lanquishing in a basket somewhere , or am I just daft !!!?


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