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Monday, February 14, 2011

February is for Finished Objects!

Already the month is halfway through, but at least I have something to show for it. 2 finished objects!

The first is my lovely CanCans as previewed in the last post (and yeah all you funny people commenting on how cold my toes will be! ;) - it's a Sock YARN challenge! - but you did make me laugh )

I really like this pattern. The arms are nice and long as is the hand part, not quite over the knuckles, but long enough to actually keep you warm, which strangely not all mitts are!

My second FO is my 2nd window quilt, and Oh My, am I happy with this one. I am pleased that I did learn lessons from the first one, and that my sewing and confidence have grown.

With this one I did all the quilting free-motion. Starting in the centre panel and outlining parts of the illustration (but leaving the sky for a soft, sunny, billowing effect!), and then moving on to the border.
The pale green border fabric actually has little leaf stems on it, so I used these as a very rough template for the free motion quilting - wanting to make that border a little less lofty and thereby allowing the centre panel to take more attention. - It worked well. And I'm pleased with how my first free motion went.
I still have plenty to learn, and can improve a hundred fold - but isn't that always the way with crafting, - there are always lessons to be learnt and that's why we love it so.


  1. Lovely knit and quilt. The fabric is such nice springy colours!

  2. That quilt is stunning. Is the middle bit a panel that you have added detail to?


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