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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick round up

We went to the beach and Spot got beach hair.

I finished the quilt top but am waiting for the fleece to arrive for the backing:-

I started my April challenge socks.... Completed one... Then frogged it cos I didn't like it. Have now nearly finished the replacement:- (needles conveniently cropped from photo). I like these much better.

Saw my first spring ducklings while on my run last weekend

And am now on week4 of my raceforlife training ( where it all begins to get a bit serious as you hear me wheezing from the next county! )

So there you have it! What you been up to?

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  1. Love Spots beach hair! and the quilt top looks lovely, so cheerful.

  2. You have been busy!! All looks good tho. Can't wait to see the quilt already looks better then any of mine.
    And I don't know why your Blog has vanished of my Blog list!!! Thank goodness for Google Reader


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