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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chicks are growing up!

These are the little chicks that were hatched 27-5-11.  They're in the run with Dad, who's had to be separated from the hens as he gets picked on, and really we should cull him cos he's got a bad leg - but he eats and drinks and does the business if we put him in with the ladies, so we're keeping him until this little boy grows up (and I have grown emotionally attached, which should never have happened!!).  Dad has been looking after these little ones so well. We've given them a separate box to sleep in (Dad is BIG!) but he fusses over them, and protects them fiercely if something new enters the garden (as my Mum & Dad's weimaraner found out the other week)

All three chicks:
When I grow up I'm going to be big and strong like Daddy, but right now I'm just a little bit scared of you:-
Daddy and three tails:-
That dark brown one is soooo pretty:-

They're all just "mongrels" bred from my own hens and Dad there in the photo (he was also a mongrel) I honestly have no idea what I've got now, but in my time there have been Sussex/Sasso crosses, Sussex/Rhode Island Red crosses, Welsummer pure breeds, (and a silkie, but I'm not mating her with that cockerel!!! He'd break her!)

Anyway they're all very lovely, although have just got to that very skittish age where they jump at the sight of everything. - I need to make a shorter smaller run so I can handle chick more as they always become impossible to catch at this age! - I'm sure they'll settle down later tho'

So fingers crossed there's no Coccidiosis this year, and that these little beauties grow up to start my next generation.


  1. Oh yes, that dark 'chick' is lovely and from what I can see I would imagine Dad is rather a handsome chap too - no harm in becoming attached, it would be different if it were a commercial thing but as long as he is a good boy I'd keep him too. (Nothing worse than an unfriendly cockerel - those spurs!!!)

  2. They have grown into a wonderful brood I think you should be justly proud

  3. Wow they have got big... they looked so cute in their little box when they were small :)


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