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Monday, July 11, 2011

July Challenge

Just a quick note to say that my July sock yarn challenge has been chosen and is well underway.

The yarn is Opal rainforest in Snake, and the pattern is Leyburn (Ravelry link).

Here it is all reading and waiting for me to start:
 And here is a little progress shot:
It's way further than that now, as I have completed the foot and am halfway or so up the leg.  I modded the pattern a little to have a bigger foot (pattern says 50 sts around)  I have 30 on the sole and 34 on the top. I am also doing a gusset heel, as i find short row heels a bit tight around my instep/ankle area.

Should get these done on time! ;)


  1. They already look fab

  2. Ooh nice - have to investigate that pattern, and the colour's right up my alley!

  3. Great progress already Noo, love the Snake print!

  4. That's an interesting pattern, works really well with the yarn too


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