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Friday, July 29, 2011

Knitting update

Right back to business eh?  The July challenge has taken a bit of a battering in the past few weeks so I'm not quite going to finish it. - It's close though, and won't be too far behind. i always find knitting harder in the summer - it's hot to handle wool for a start, and there are so many other things to do in the extended daylight hours. But anyway enough of the excuses - here they are in their present state:

The pattern is Leyburn and the yarn is Opal Snake.

I am also making a gorgeous top-down lace-sleeved, 4 ply top. The pattern is here (Ravelry link) and I am using freedom gorgeous 4 ply which is a bamboo mix.  it's coming out really nicely, but i seem to have far more stitches on the front than the back - no idea what I have done - I've not been concentrating as well as normal obviously. But I'm plodding on anyway as I have a fairly decent bust to fill the extra frontage (!) and will try to bodge the waist shaping to even it all out. - We will wait and see what happens.

That photo isn't a good colour likeness at all - the colour is fennel and it's a lot brighter "in the real" !

Everything else is plodding along as normal Chez Noo, the weeds seem to be growing at 4 times the rate of any flowers or veggies, as is the lawn (I say lawn but actually that's really just weeds too)  Spot is enjoying being a bit more restful in the hotter weather and the chickens are laying well. I do have some red-mite in the biggest house so house-painting/disinfecting/blowtorching will be happening this weekend. - As I say - all normal!

2 days til August!


  1. The Socks look lovely but I am rather taken by the top...very much indeed!! I am going to look at the Pattern......

  2. I do like the sock yarn, and the lace on the top is really pretty too.
    I know what you mean about the weeds, how come they grow so much quicker than everything else.

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