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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Guess what?

Yep!!! It's that throw again ;)

I don't care if you're bored tho' (and I bet all you knitters out there aren't bored one bit) But I so want D to have an idea of the journey of this, and also........ well you know I like memories!

I've just started using the blue.  One thing that I love about the process of knitting is "Colour". As those yarns are slipping through your fingers you notice (if you're looking!) every nupp and tweed and thread and fibre. These yarns have been incredibly cleverly designed. You can just about see in that photo above that in the brown yarn (It's called Trailer) there is the very occasional blue bobble (tweedy bit, nupp? - what would you call it?) which is almost exactly the overall colour of the blue I have just started using. I doubt you'd ever notice if you just picked up the knitting, but to have handled the yarn and seen every stitch wrap around the needle....... well you notice all sorts (fairies/pixies?!).  The Blue is deeper than this photo shows. Very slightly green - I suppose the overall colour i would call a deep petrol blue, but again it is made of so many strands and fibres of different colours. - I think I have only seen this colour once before - and it was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! ;)

Back to the knitting. x

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  1. Oh goodness your making me want to buy the Yarn and knit that throw myself!!!! Tell me please is it a patterened Throw or just Stocking stitch


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