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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Week 1 of the Tweed Throw

This week has gone in a blur of knitting. I can't deny I am LOVING knitting the throw. The colours are deep and mirror the amazing Autumness (ok i know that's not a word) that we are experiencing here in the uk at the moment.
Spot wanted to show you what I mean by Autumness!

I've finished the first tweed panel, and started the second.  The photos don't really do the colour or texture justice. The colours are deeper and warmer. My camera seems to want to brighten the whole thing so I've taken down the exposure level in picnik, but that's changed the intensity a bit. These are the best representations I can get tho'

I've managed to knit quite a bit this week, but I think progress will slow a little now. It's beginning to get that wonderful heaviness that only a wool blanket can have but it does mean I can't knit for more than about an hour and a half at a time without needing to give my shoulders a break.  This will be the case for about another 2 weeks, then it will magically become big enough to sit in my lap without the need to lift and turn every row. I already miss the warmth of it when I stop knitting and get up tho' as it sits on my thigh keeping the chill off.

There are other things going on Chez Noo, but they are drifting into the background as I just love making this.......... Bonfire night has been and gone, and Spot spent the night in usual terror. In the end I took her out for a drive which seemed to work rather well.

Right I really must get on - I'm wasting valuable knitting time!


  1. It's lovely, Noo, saw the yarns yesterday at Liberty and was sooo tempted!

  2. oooh that's coming on a treat Noo...I get the feeling it's going to be hard to part with! xx

  3. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Looking good Noo xx

  4. Oh that looks so lovely. I am so so so very tempted!! I am still pondering but oh how love how it looks already!!!


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