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Saturday, March 05, 2011

March's challenge is chosen!

Well March is upon us (not sure really if it entered as a lion or a lamb - dry, peaceful days - lamblike, but bloomin' freezin' - lionlike??) 

Anyway, back to the point - March is here, so I have been able to pop up to my everso special stash room (well a couple of plastic boxes in my spare room, but I love it) and choose myself my next personal sock yarn challenge. They're all wrapped in old post bags and the like, so when i pick one I never know what it's going to be..... This month, I scored...................

Fyberpsates sock yarn, in colourway "Happy" (ooooh yeah baby - very happy!) and the pattern is Charade.  I need to finish the thumb of one mitt first, then these are on the needles!

Meanwhile, I have found a Saturday evening rock n roll radio station, that I can listen to on my iphone using the tunein radio app.   Bernie Keith on BBC Radio Essex - Splendid! - Bright socks, and songs to dance to in them (when they're made)- What more could a girl ask for?

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday I went to Unravel.  The lovely Wildpurl picked me up as we do not live far from each other (or from the Maltings as it happens!) and we promised to support each other in our resolve not to buy much.  I think I was really very restrained. Just 2 skeins of Alpaca sock yarn, and a beautiful pattern by Amanda of NDS. I felt positively angelic,  although it must be said Wildpurl was even more so as she bought nothing, nada, not a bean.

Anyway, here are my purchases,

I am not even going to mention the extremely HUGE piece of carrot cake I ate at lunchtime, which does somewhat negate the angelic behaviour at the show........... shame i didn't take a photo of that - or maybe it's a good thing! LOL