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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time flies

Well spring (or maybe summer) is here, and as always my little blog gets a bit neglected while I juggle gardening, knitting, sewing and generally slobbing around in the sun.

But just a quick post to show you that I have chosen my May Sock-yarn challenge:
It's Opal Winterberry (that I got as part of my CTnY Christmas swap) to be knit in the Slippery Socks pattern. I've started them - and changed the pattern to toe-up cos I'm radical like that. So am halfway up the first foot.  I'd have got further but I'm also knitting a camisole which I've had to re-do the top of 3 times now as it's coming out way to big. I've stopped measuring it now! 3 times is already too many to re-knit the same thing.

Other than the knitting, life goes on as normal chez Noo. A few trips to Hayling, gardening, sewing (I'm about to make some new cushion covers) a little bit of work (least said about that the better, I'm going to be made redundant so am looking for another "work from home" part time job, not easy to find cos obviously that's what everyone wants to do!) And watching the sparrows and the blue tits that are nesting in my garden.

I also have 4 eggs under a broody silkie, and we've had to separate the cockerel from the rest of the hens cos he's being picked on (well pEcked on actually, they're pecking his comb to the point of bleeding.) I have a horrible feeling that he's not going to be able to go back in there either as he just isn't dominant enough to stop them :(

Raceforlife training is going ok - I'm up to week 5, the 8 minute intervals, so should finish the programme in time to run the whole 5k raceforlife.

And finally if anyone has any rain anywhere in the country could they blow it this way a bit?  We did have two nights worth last week, but there's nothing much now to show for that. Water butts are all but empty, and the lawn is brown and cracked :(

Right, I really must have some breakfast............. I think my patio is calling me.