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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friends, fun and frolicks

Last Saturday I held a forum day here (the crafty threads n yarns forum for those that don't know).  The idea was just to get together with as many people as lived close enough to make the journey, and knit and chat.

I've been trying to work out how to write about it, because I didn't take any photos and the only photos that were taken had people in, which I wouldn't put on a public blog............. so without the visual help, I need to find the words!

I'll start by saying that the incomparable MrNoo helped me sort and re-arrange the house so that the 11 expected guests could stay inside as the weather report suggested heavy rain. We Moved my kitchen table out of the conservatory, and into the kitchen, and moved the sofa from the lounge to the space now made in the conservatory. We brought all the chairs in too, and put cushions on them, and when we had finished that......... I cooked!!  beef casserole and home made ice cream (not to be eaten together you understand!)

So that was Friday, and i have to admit to being a bit nervous. You know how it is when people are coming to your home, my housekeeping skills aren't exactly awesome, and I live alone so only have myself to please when it comes to standards (and mine are pretty low). There was also the thing of it being a forum gettogether. We all (I think) know each other quite well, we banter and chat on the forum and take the mickey out of each other, and generally I feel have a really good community relationship, we work hard at it, and it works well. But, although I had met nearly everyone before, I was also nervous of how it would work as a "real life" group, and especially in my domestic setting rather than a public venue.  Anyway i went to bed and hardly slept, kept thinking of things I needed to have done, which mostly i had or had a good reason for waiting til the next morning, but you know how the mind plays games when you really need a good night's sleep!

I awoke on Saturday to a clear sky, a chilly breeze and a certain spring in my step because of them. Conservatory doors open, and although there was plenty of space inside, everyone had the choice of getting themselves a bit more space outside!! My Mum arrived early and helped me scrape the new potatoes, then lay out the table (she had also brought a very generous afternoon tea of oat cookies, chocolate muffins and blueberry muffins) and that was that, we were ready.

The day itself was so much fun, and my over-riding memory is of hearing laughter all around my home and garden. I don't think a lot of actual knitting got done, but the intention was there as most people had brought something, but chat and laughter got in the way. And I think even knitting can be left aside to make room for laughter, No?

We also  held an auction, which had been donated to by many members of the forum who were there, and who hadn't been able to make it, which Jacky handled admirably. And we had a swap table. So, in addition to the wonderful day, company, & laughter, we managed to raise £182.50 for cancer research, and everyone went home with at least as much stuff as they had brought - it was just different "stuff".  Awesome!

So as i think back on Saturday, the sun shining, a few shafts of light bouncing off needles and hooks, my heart skips a little beat. That I am so blessed to be part of such a fantastic community, and that I can count on each and every member of it as a proper, honest-to-goodness, real-life friend.

Thank you all, I am humbled by your generosity, and honoured to be your friend.