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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wow, so much excitement

So, the plans are coming along nicely! - well nicely in that there's loads of enthusiasm & interest, but as with all new ventures it takes a while to get everything in place and work out how things will work.  But
The Crafters' Barn  is a very real project all of a sudden, and not just an idea in my head! - Watch this space!

We've also measured up next door garden for her new fence. Now we just need it to stop raining! ;

It's all so exciting, but I have to admit I don't know which way is up at the moment.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A few changes Chez noo

So, a few changes are afoot chez noo soon - d'you want to hear about them?

(Please say yes otherwise this post is done already!)

Firstly, my lovely neighbour, who is a spritely 89 and 11 months, has recently hurt her shoulder very badly. It has somewhat incapacitated her and I've been doing what I can to make sure that she gets to the shops and has plenty of food in, and mowing her lawn etc. - She has been paying me for my "services" which has been hard to accept but I know that it is about keeping Independence and I am helping her do that so I've got used to it a bit. however, last week MrNoo and I had a bit of a brainwave. We wondered if she would allow us to use the rear half of her garden, in payment for the odd chores and taking to shops. It would give me more space for the more roaming veg (potatoes, squash) and also those veg that you need loads of - onions and carrots for example. Plus i could put some extra chickens in there which would help with the weeding, and allow me to repair the extreme damage the littlies have done to my lawn.  Now of course I could do a lot of this in my garden, but i like having enough lawn for Spot to play tail-chase, and to get my hammock out, and all those kind of things, so this would be perfect.  Well I broached the subject on Saturday, - and the lady - she say "Yes".  I nearly squealed with excitement.  We have said that we will replace her rear fence as part of the deal, as i think I'm generally doing better out of it than she is, and anyway it is as much to my benefit as hers as it will help with privacy and security for both of us. - it's all very overgrown at the moment, and there are rocks and bricks. But the chickens will soon help us clear it and then we can get planning.  We are hoping to get the fence done before winter and start to clear. We might not get much planted this year - although you never know the length of autumns we have had in the last few years there's always a possibility.

Secondly, i think  a few months ago I mentioned that Job2 were making me redundant (sort of) as they want someone full time and office based and it's not a position i was interested in (especially having read this week that ladies are not allowed to wear sandals in the office in summer due to H&S risks of dropping things on toes and scalding from kettles; are they serious? is this normal?  What about the slippers I wear at home, will they soon be outlawed - anyway I digress............)  So I have been thinking of jobs/businesses which could be predominantly home based. Obviously there is my crafting obsession hobby, and i will soon(ish) be setting up a website to sell some handmade items.  I've outlined a brief business and marketing plan and think that, although it would never make me a living on its own, I can turn a bit of profit for just padding out the income a bit.

I've also been investigating copywriting & SEO (search engine optimisation).  I love writing, and when i read back over my blog I am sometimes surprised that I do actually make sense (it doesn't always in my head! LOL) So with a bit of study and reading, I am hoping I may be able to do that in a self employed or part time capacity, and if nothing else it should mean I can build a really good website for my crafted bits..  And of course there's always the book-keeping for MrNoo's business, which keeps me quite busy, and I have been neglecting lately in favour of job2 a bit.  Plus with the possibility of extra chickens next door I should have more eggs to sell, and maybe even spare veg and plants? - None of them alone would make enough to call a living, but hopefully a little of all of it put together will keep baked beans on the table and the mortgage paid.  Anything more than that is a bonus!

So it's all very exciting, and my to-do list has grown to pages and pages. But I'm up for the challenge (all of them) and have loads of ideas and plans.  Hopefully the blogging won't suffer, cos it'd be lovely if you all came on the journey with me.

I'll try to start with pics of my new back garden extension later in the week! ;)

'Til soon x