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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A weekend!

So, here's the garden extension:
I spent 4 hours in it yesterday afternoon, and it doesn't look much different...... although I did find 2 paths! LOL

before I got out there tho' it had rained quite heavily, so whilst waiting for that to ease,  I made a notebook:

Very slap-dash but kind of fun. It's 4 signatures (which I sewed together on a sewing machine cos I was in a rush and couldn't find a needle <<< I'm soo bad)  but it'll do for my purpose for now! And by the time I was placing a book on it to hold it while the PVA dried, the rain had stopped.

Other than that, life has been fairly normal:
We walked and Spot got hot, so we stopped for a sit:
But evidently for just a bit too long:

Right, time to go and see what Sunday has to offer.

Have a great weekend and week everyone x