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Saturday, September 03, 2011

New Fence!

So, MrNoo and i worked hard this week on our new garden extension! The most important thing was to get a new fence up as the old one was ....... well it almost wasn't really! We wanted something taller and sturdier before we put the chickens over there.  So 140 featheredge boards. 5 fence posts. 10 bags of post mix, 3 gravel boards and 5 arris rails. Plus associated screws nails and brackets and this is what we ended up with:

We've left the posts long as we are hoping to get a little bit of flimsy trellis to run along the top - just to make climbing over a little more difficult until the weeds/ivy/brambles grow up on the outside as we back on to a car park. So a bit of trellis and some lovely thorny roses will suffice for now I think! ;)

So now the actual gardening starts!  We need to get some old timbers to make some raised beds as the ground is quite stoney and it's not like we don't have an entire chicken run of good compost to fill them with. We'll probably try recycled scaffold boards again as they have worked quite well in my garden, although we would line them with some plastic this time to stop the damp earth actually touching the boards as they have begun to rot.  I've already bought a few seeds for autumn planting too!

In other news my July challenge which slipped into August has now been completed thanks to a good weekend of F1 at Spa last week (and consequently quite a bit of sofa time for me.

I haven't chosen a September challenge yet. I'm not sure if I will as I really need to get some stuff made up for the Crafters' barn, otherwise my shop will be empty! The website is coming along nicely, so it would be good if I had stuff to list on it.

Right, that's us all about caught up now - what have you been up to?