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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A commission.

So, as well as knitting self designed odds and sodds accessories for sale in The Crafters' Barn. I also knit as "a service". So either someone sees a pattern that they fall in love with but are unable to make themselves, or they want something specific designed and made.

A commission has come about in the former of the above circumstances. A lovely lady (who I will refer to as D) came from the USA to visit her daughter this summer and happened upon the Rowan Tweed Throw  while perusing John Lewis.

Now, one of my very favourite things to make are blankets/throws. For a whole bunch of reasons really:-  Firstly, because there is enough knitting to get your teeth into, and because of the general lack of shaping etc you can be so much more experimental with patterns, stitches etc.  Secondly, because they always fit! (and no I'm not joking there, there is nothing worse than making a garment for someone and the sleeves being too short, or the chest being too small (or large)  I truly have difficulty enough making things fit me, so knitting garments for someone else is always a challenge).  And thirdly and most importantly - because blankets become such an important part of a home life. They share moments with us. We snuggle under them on the sofa, we hide behind them in the scary parts of films, we cry into them, and laugh under them, we are ill under them and we just sit and hold hands under them. They share Sunday films on wet weekends, and afternoon naps when we're under the weather. In short they become one of the family. And if they are treated right, and made out of good quality yarn, they will last us many many years. (It is due to that last point that I now find  I have to make them for other people, because as the proud owner of 4 blankets, i have nowhere else left to keep them!)  So you see it is an honour and a privilege to be able to make something for a home that will become so much part of that home as time goes on. (well i surely hope that is the case anyway)

So, D has ordered the yarn and pattern to be delivered straight to me, and hopefully they will be here soon. I promise photos as soon as they are. And about 10 minutes after that, I will begin knitting (I'm allowing 10 minutes for finding the right needles but in all honesty I won't be able to wait even that long) and I have promised to blog my progress so that she can follow the journey of the throw, because as much as it will become part of her home in time, for the first 6 odd weeks of its life it will become a huge part of mine. And that my friends, is why I love to craft and why making things for people is so amazing.  When I started the Crafters' Barn I put the tagline as "Put a little handmade love in your home" and I really hope that that will never be more true than for this commission.