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Monday, January 02, 2012

Not quite sure how this happened?


Here we are all raring to go for the New Year. It's the year when I want to make the Crafters' Barn and Noo's knits really become something special, and  I have to say Noo's knits is going very well at the moment. I currently have around 4 weeks worth of knitting orders lined up.

However at the moment I have another large blanket project on the go - I'm not quite sure how that happened, except to say I have learnt my lesson about leaving wonderful Pattern Books lying around.

It turns out that MrNoo totally fell in love with one of the blankets from the book and has asked me to make it for a member of his family. The pattern is the Granny Squares throw.

It is made of 130 odd granny squares -
  40 odd of 3 different colours combinations. The above is one combination, which I have made 43 squares of since Christmas Eve!  I'm not quite sure how I got into making another big blanket so soon really!  Should keep me out of trouble for a while though. ;)


  1. It looks lovely Noo!

  2. How many squares?! It does look lovely though and I really like the colours. I'm rather impressed with the number you have already done too.

  3. The colours in the blanket so far look fab & fingers crossed for Crafters Barn this year :)

  4. Yikes!!! Another Blanket I soooo don't need to make or have the Time for

  5. Ooooh, the blanket doesn't half look lovely though!
    Happy New Year!
    P.S. I'm with you on the winter thing, this mild weather just isn't right.


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