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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Winter Finally....

So a few weeks ago I put some frosty pictures on my blog background in anticipation of a bit of the white stuff - and IT WORKED! (*go me, I'm magic*)

I unashamedly love snow and winter, as previously declared) So yesterday Spot and I set out on a snowy adventure over at Newlands Corner.

Spot is perfectly camouflaged in this weather:
We love getting out and off the beaten track, Spot is hard to stop when she's out there - Generally I'm happy if she's in the same county, but here she stood for a photo call knowing she looked pretty:

We got away from the main paths (which were treacherously icy) and out to the bracken bit where the deer hide (I did see them, but couldn't get the camera out quick enough with all my winter clothing on!) Despite Newlands having been packed with visitors at the weekend when the snow first arrived, we still found that no one had been to our little special area:

The only other footprints were from the deer:

It was perfect, and cold and wonderful. My cheeks ached with smiling by the time we had finished, and when I saw that little path above that was all ours, I might have even *squeeeed* out loud! ;)

The blanket is nearly finished, and in true Rowan style the pattern quantities of yarn are way out.  I have 2 full balls over of 2 of the colours, and am 4 short of the border. It's on order though and should be here tomorrow or Saturday, so this marathon could be over by the weekend. (another smaller *sqeeeeee*!!)

T'il soon, xx


  1. What a supermodel Spot is, so pretty! How frustrating to find that the pattern yarn quantities are out, but it's good that more is on it's way to you (snow permitting). You'll have to run in circles in the snow to make sure no-one follows your footsteps to your secret area.
    Ellie Maggie x

  2. Lovely photos on Spot in the snow, she looked so well hidden.

  3. She certainly knows she is pretty :) a case of 'Spot' the dog in
    the first photo!!
    How annoying to run short of yarn for your project ;hopefully it will arrive soon and you can get t finish it.
    Oh and its great to be back blogging again and thank you so much for visiting.


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