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Monday, April 09, 2012

Making Monday - a List! ;)

n at The Yarn Yard publishes making monday posts.  I rarely seem to "make" on quite the right day - or at least I never get round to blogging about it. And to be fair today will be much the same. I will be making - I will be making a final sleeve for a jumper. (Well I hope i will be making it cos I've completely screwed up picking up the stitches from the provisional cast on - I must have had someone else's eyes in last night!) Anyway, I will be making that. But in the meantime i thought I'd make a list of things I want to blog about in the near future because when I come to writing I feel I'm a bit repetitive (knitting, dog, chickens, garden, chicken, knitting, dog!) and I never remember the thing I was going to write.

So Making Monday's List!

Blog Posts of the future

  • Good Ipad apps for knitters/sewers/crafters etc. (a few people seem to have acquired them lately and I thought it would be good to pool resources!)
  • (Maybe a separate post of Iphone apps?)
  • Reveiw of some winter waterproof trousers I bought
  • Hopefully some thoughts on re-covering a sun lounger cushion (mouse damage!), because I can't find any anywhere, although if anyone has any ideas i'd be chuffed to hear them!
  • Free listing giveaway for the Crafters Barn when the site is live. 
That should see me through the next month or so, but feel free to comment if there's something you think I should say.
And just for n (cos she showed us hers!), here is a photo of my daytime knitting spot: - It's in the corner of my conservatory, next to the windowsill (for good light, and somewhere to put my scissors/needle/glasses/coffee/ipod) and it looks out onto my garden:

Have a great bank holiday Monday everyone,
'Til soon x

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  1. Just so you know......I never find the posts repetitive. Knitting, chickens,'s who you are & what you do. Saying that, I look forward to the iPad/iPhone apps :)


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