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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Knitting - for meeeeee!

I bought yarn last year at Knitnation, to make Laika, and never quite got round to it.  Finally I have found time to get it under way, and I love it!  The yarn is Yarn Yard Twistle  (From TheYarnYard)

That's not a great photo because it's raining epically today, and this is the best my little phone camera could do given the lack of light - It's going to be wonderful though, and I love it already


  1. Anonymous6:42 pm

    What a pretty colour Noo. Good on you for doing some selfish knitting :)


  2. Looks really pretty Noo. Amazed that you managed to find the time to knit for yourself... quick... before you get too busy again!

  3. What a pretty pattern and I love the colour. Well done for putting time aside for yourself, something us women rarely do! The finished item looks lovely too.
    Ellie Maggie x

  4. That looks lovely, I like the colour!


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