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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sometimes a downside.....

So, the downside to acquiring all those wonderful pots, planter, and bed that I wrote about here, was this:

3 tonnes of topsoil that needed to be moved from outside my garden, to inside my beds.  Boy do I ache today!

In other news I've just this minute received some new sunglasses from  Very impressive service.  I just wanted a cheap pair of prescription sunglasses to wear when I haven't got my contacts in. I wear contacts a lot in the summer so generally just wear plain sunnies, but now and again for whatever reason I don't have them in, and this was an idea solution. Prescription sunglasses for £27 incl delivery.  In case you're interested, I went for these ones - Here. (They've gone up a bit since obviously, but there are offers and voucher codes around the site. Given that they are sunnies, I could probably have done with a deeper lens, but they're perfect for me, and I'm not the most careful person with my glasses so it's not worth spending a fortune on the, (1 dog, 8 hens and 2 cockerels do not bode well for glasses!) If they last the summer I'll be happy! *rolls eyes*

It's been raining (finally) this week, so not much else to tell you. I do have 2 finished objects to photograph and show but they're not "quite" ready yet! ;)

'Til soon xx


  1. You've earned yourself a rest in that comfy looking chair in your conservatory after moving all that topsoil. Rest your weary bones with your feet up and a lovely drink - I'll leave what sort of drink up to you!!
    Enjoy your weekend
    Ellie Maggie x

  2. I've just had a lovely time catching up with your blog and you certainly have been busy . Wish I had know about that site re sunglasses ,just had a new pair for £120 from Specsavers :(


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