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Friday, May 04, 2012

Missing a party (or 6)

...... a lot of my family are on the Isle of Bute at the annual jazz festival. For numerous reasons I'm not there.  I have (hopefully) chicks hatching on Monday (although in truth I'm not expecting much)  I have a new website which is supposed to be Beta testing from today - although apparently I'm supposed to be able to retrieve the details of where it's held and how to get into it by psychic ability as I haven't heard from my webguy since 2pm when he told me he was uploading it? I'm also being taken away for two nights in a couple of weeks for my birthday (oooooh yes!) and we are going to Dove Holes jazz festival instead anyway. So I shouldn't complain really (and I'm not exactly.....sort of...... much)

But all of that doesn't make me feel a bit like i'm missing a party (oh hell yeah, I AM missing a party - in fact 3 a day and one or two all nighters probably)  So I am planning a weekend of crafting to make up for it. (Assuming I don't  attain the web beta login details by some form of  supernatural/clairvoyant brain surge).  I had ordered yarn to try to make this on the machine, but it hasn't arrived (I left it late, I knew it was unlikely - this is down to me mostly not having known what day it has been for much of the week).  But I am already handknitting Laika as I showed the other day, and I've done the body and 3/4 of one sleeve, so I reckon it's totally possible to finish at least the lace work over the long weekend, 1 1/4 sleeves and a hood, how hard can it be? (in 4 ply!). Especially now I have my yarn bras so don't have to chase 2 balls of yarn all over the place. (Have I told you how flippin' awesome they are? - no?  well that's all you need to know, they're flippin awesome!), or pick dog hair off them (you really don't want to know!)

So that's me for the weekend. A new audible audiobook will be chosen with great care (as much for length as for content as it has to last 3 non working days!), and I will settle in my newtome chair: (which has been cleaned since I got it and took this photo) and I will knit and watch the birds in the garden and cuddle spot and probably put a little TJ Johnson on the Ipod and whilst my family are there jiving away to the real McCoy, I'll be swinging my own little party here.... and loving every minute!


  1. Now, minus your awesome knitting skills, this post raises two points which have brightened my day. 1) You are choosing an audible audiobook - are there any other types of audiobooks? ;) and 2) I'm unsure whether to ask if the 'cuddle spot' is for you and one other, or for the birds! Happy knitting!
    Ellie Maggie x

    1. Lol. After my last post that's probably a very fair comment. Audible should of course have a capital as I meant the name of the site not audible as a verb, as should Spot, my beloved..... Who is resisting my cuddle charms at the moment and sitting in the garden in the rain!

  2. P.S. I can't talk about the website as it is too exciting for words.
    E.M. x


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