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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Please Vote in my Poll!

I was at the CHSI trade show yesterday, getting advertising rates for The Crafters' Barn  for when we're all ready to roll. There were loads of magazines there, and the advertising rates are pretty high - with good discounts available for multiple consecutive adverts, but the cost of 6 consecutive ads is HUGE!. So, it's all going to add up to a hefty amount of cash! So, in the interests of ......... err interest!........ and to help me narrow down the list at least a little. Which magazines do you read? If I've missed any obvious ones off the list please let me know, either in the comments or by email to claire(AT)cmyoung(DOT) 

Now the idea of the adverts in these crafting magazines will be to entice new sellers to the barn. I feel that by offering a £2 flat listing fee per month, many crafters might be interested in selling a few of their excess handcrafted products. It also means they could sell to family and friends and be protected by the websites terms and conditions (yep, even selling to friends can go wrong!)  So initially these adverts will be to gain sellers.  Once we have a good community going, I hope to be able to fund adverts in more "home style" magazines like Country Living and Easy Living. etc.

So, I'd be hugely grateful if you would vote in the poll below, and also spread the word to other crafting communities/forums/friends etc to come vote too so I get a good range of entries.  I (obviously) know a lot of knitters, but I'd really be interested to hear what other Crafters read for their inspiration. The poll will close one week today - 28th Feb.


Which magazines do you read?


I've missed Making magazine - but i can't change the poll now.