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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Silkie hens and a few finished objects

So last time i spoke to you I was entrenched in an instruction manual. Well this is the result so far.

Möbius cowl Machine Knit in pure Alpaca with a basic tuck stitch. It will be available for sale in Noo's Knits in  the Crafters' Barn when I get around to uploading it there ! :)

My Finished Items page (see link at the top under Spots photo) has been updated with a few of my latest knits too for those that don't want to trawl through all my rambling posts (and I can't blame you!)

In other news:  Noo's House is now complete again after last year's fox attack.  It's been hard getting Silkies but finally we found some, although I'm not quite sure how one lost White Silkie hen has been replaced with 2 hens and a cockerel! You'd have to ask MrNoo how that happened.  They're gorgeous tho' and settling already.  I'll leave you with these few photos, I'm off for a dog walk ! :